When we want to be happy, we buy clothes that make us happy

“We’re all in this together.

So what’s it going to be?” 

“We buy clothes we can wear everyday.

We buy clothes, if we want them to be our identity.

And when we wear them, we feel good about ourselves. “

When we buy the clothes, we think of ourselves as part of the group.

And when we wear them, we feel good about ourselves.

We feel like we have something to give.” 

“It’s like an identity.

When we wear clothes that look good, we’re more likely to get the feeling of belonging to a group.” 

When it comes to buying clothes for yourself, there are some guidelines you should know:   1.

When buying clothes online, it’s a good idea to look for items you can wear for more than a day or two, as long as they’re not too big or too loose. 


You should avoid buying items that can be washed in the shower or that are too short.


You should try to shop online when you’re not at home, because buying from shops with limited availability will mean less time to get clothes. 


You might find yourself shopping at a mall where there are fewer options than at home. 


If you’re planning to travel, think twice before you buy clothes online. 


Don’t try to purchase clothing from a particular brand.

You may not like the look of a certain brand, but you may not want to buy that brand.


Make sure you understand what you’re buying, before you get in the checkout process. 


Make a list of the items you want and how many you want. 


When you’re shopping online, you can also check out a range of clothing at a nearby store. 


You can always check out the stores’ website to see what they have on sale. 

 If all else fails, check out local stores. 

For more tips, read our article “Buy Less, Wear More: 6 Tips for Buying Less, Wearing More.”

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