Outdoor Cycling Clothing: Harlow to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated

Harlow, the first openly transgender athlete in the U.S. and the first transgender woman ever to compete in the Winter Olympics, will be featured in Sports Illustrated’s April issue.

Harlow was announced as the cover athlete for the issue by ESPN’s Jemele Hill.

Harlow is the first female athlete in U.N. history to compete on an outdoor sports team.

“Harlow’s inspiring story of courage, resilience and determination will be showcased on the covers of Sports and Fitness magazines throughout the summer,” said Hill in a statement.

“Her story is inspiring and inspiring women around the world to embrace and live life boldly.

She is a model of what it means to be a female athlete and an athlete in all aspects of life.”

Sports Illustrated has been one of the most diverse publications in the world for years.

In its history, it has published stories about artists, writers, athletes, and others who have come out as transgender.

The publication’s cover image was created by photographer Darrow Montgomery, who also designed the cover for the cover feature for The Oprah Winfrey Show.

The magazine’s cover feature, which has already been chosen as one of ESPN’s top stories, will debut on April 12.

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