The first new outdoor clothing in the UK since 2013 is out!

Exeter Outdoor News has revealed that Smith Outdoor, the UK’s leading outdoor clothing company, is launching a new line of outdoor clothing this winter.

The new line will include a variety of lightweight, light-weight and warm fabrics that are designed for cold weather.

The line, named ‘Outdoor Safety’, will be available for purchase in February.

Smith Outdoor’s Outdoor Safety line of clothing is designed for outdoor safety, and includes a range of lightweight fabrics that can be used with any of their existing products.

Smith’s OutdoorSafety line of garments have been popular among outdoor enthusiasts for their lightweight, flexible fabrics and low weight.

Smith says the new line is designed to provide more choice for outdoor enthusiasts and provide comfort in cold weather as well as being an easy to wear product.

“We’ve spent years developing our brand, creating products that offer warmth and comfort in extreme conditions and this winter we are excited to offer a range that is also light and breathable,” said Sarah Macfarlane, senior director of sales and marketing at Smith Outdoor.

“Outdoor safety is a big part of our lifestyle and our products are a great choice for a great range of outdoor activities.

The Outdoor Safety range will be the first to launch in the U.K. for more than a year, and will feature everything from lightweight wool, cotton, woolen and canvas to nylon, synthetic and wool blend fabrics.”

The new outdoor apparel line will be launched in February and will be sold by Smith in the following UK cities: Birmingham, Bristol, Chesterfield, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Plymouth, Sheffield, Southampton, and Wolverhampton.

Smith said the new Outdoor Safety product line will offer a versatile option for outdoor wear and comfort.

“Smith Outdoor is constantly improving our product range to offer consumers more choice and more comfort in our outdoor gear,” said Macfaddin.

“This winter we have launched a range in lightweight wool, lightweight cotton and lightweight nylon.

Smith Outdoor has also introduced a range for cold-weather comfort and comfort for the active lifestyle.”

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