‘It is not enough’: Farmers to the rescue

KARPOS: A group of farmers from the city of Harrogate in the Galilee are now giving a glimpse of the future of their outdoor clothing business.

On Sunday evening, about 100 people from the group were gathered on the grounds of the nearby Kiryat Arba shopping mall to witness the start of the harvest season.

The members of the Karpos, an outdoor clothing cooperative based in Harrogat, are the only ones allowed to sell their products at the mall, but they’re not the only group of people who are eager to make their presence known.

They’ve been planning for years to set up a business and are currently gathering all the necessary paperwork.

They hope to have the permits in hand before the start on the summer season in June.

“I feel so happy, especially because it’s our first time selling outdoor clothing and we want to sell it to people and not just tourists,” said Masha, a 23-year-old farmer.

“We want to show that outdoor clothes are a viable option, that they are affordable, that people like us can earn money.”

But what’s behind the sudden interest in outdoor clothing?

The group of about 30 farmers and their business partner hope that a new wave of visitors to the city, who are looking for affordable, durable clothing, will see the difference in their lives.

“We want our customers to see the benefits of outdoor clothing in our neighborhood,” said Avraham Zellner, the head of the group.

“If we get the permits, we can open our shop and we can sell our products.”

The Kiryati farmers say they have been selling their products to tourists for years.

In 2014, they opened the first outdoor clothing shop in the city.

“It was a good opportunity for us to expand our business,” said Gili, a 33-year old farmer.

Since then, he and his partner have grown their business from about 10 to 20 people, and they hope to continue to grow.

“There is no way that we can stop here,” he said.

“But if we can get the business license, we will start expanding and hopefully start selling our products at other malls in the area.”

For now, the Kiryatis will be focused on expanding their business, but with the arrival of the summer harvest, they will be ready to go.

“At this moment we are just waiting for the weather to clear and the permits to be in place,” Gili said.

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