The new army of ‘nra-outdoor clothing’ will make you a soldier

Armed with their own gear, civilians will be able to wear the “nra clothing” that’s worn by soldiers during times of peace, the US Army announced on Tuesday.

The “nr” stands for “navy” and is the name of a US service branch, and refers to the “military apparel” worn by sailors during the war in World War II.

While the “r” is the word for a gun, the military has long been known for wearing civilian clothing.

“The nr clothing is a uniform that can be worn by anyone, whether they’re in uniform or out,” the Army said in a statement.

“When worn by military members, the nr clothes are made to look professional and modern, and have no insignia or other identifying features.”

The Army also said that it will support “nurse care professionals” in the future, adding that the new clothing will be available for civilian use “at no cost.”

While some will have to buy it, the Army is also encouraging people to take part in the “fashion revolution” by sharing the Army’s designs on social media.

This new Army will make us a soldier. — Mike Brown (@mikebrown7) March 12, 2021 “The new nr garments are designed to be a way for people to show their pride and independence, and show that they are proud to be part of the military, not just to be an active duty member,” the statement said.

“It will be an inspiration to others to follow in their footsteps.”

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