New research says people are not really happy with the way they dress outdoors

People are increasingly buying outdoor clothing in an effort to keep cool and avoid cold weather.

Researchers from the University of East Anglia found that the number of outdoor clothing purchases in the US was actually lower than it was a decade ago.

A survey of 2,000 US adults found that 60% of people surveyed said they did not have a large enough wardrobe to wear indoors, compared to 63% in 2014.

“I was surprised at the lack of outdoor clothes in the United States,” study co-author James Anderson, from the School of Environment and Sustainability, said.

“Most of the clothing that we bought was for our families and kids.

People bought them for the weather, for a different style or for a certain weather.””

That was the case even though the number was down a lot.”

The research found that people were spending an increasing amount of time indoors, and outdoor clothes accounted for about 7% of overall outdoor clothing purchase activity.

The study also found that outdoor clothing prices were rising faster than indoor clothing prices, which suggested that people are looking to save money on the most expensive pieces.

“There was a real increase in the number and variety of outdoor-type clothing over the past 10 years, but prices were actually higher than indoor-type apparel,” Mr Anderson said.

Mr Anderson said that the findings showed people were becoming more conscious about what outdoor clothing looked like, and were willing to pay more for more of it.

“People are looking at their outdoor clothing choices differently and spending less time in the house and more time outdoors,” he said.

The survey also found people were also buying more of their own clothes.

“It’s really interesting to see how much people are spending on outdoor clothes compared to indoor clothes,” Mr Hirsch said.

“I think people are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of outdoor activities.

They are becoming aware of all the different things they can do with it.”

“There’s a huge amount of wearable space around us.”

The study, published in the journal Climatic Change, found that a quarter of people who said they were spending less on their clothing said that they were also spending less money on outdoor gear, with two-thirds saying they were saving on clothes and shoes.

The survey found that those who were spending the most were also wearing their outdoor clothes more often, with about a quarter saying they had been to the gym more than once a week, and about a third saying they used their outdoor wardrobe to organise their own events.

“The people who are spending the least money on their outdoor gear are actually the people who spend the most money on clothing,” Mr Dolan said.

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