What it takes to be a ‘pro’ in North Carolina’s outdoor clothing market

The North Carolina outdoor clothing industry has seen a big increase in sales since it legalized recreational marijuana last year, and while sales remain at a steady pace, the trend is shifting toward casual clothing and accessories.

That trend is also reflected in a new survey released Tuesday that found that apparel sales have increased by over 200% over the past two years, and apparel is the biggest category of apparel sales.

“We’ve seen growth in apparel, it’s kind of like a pendulum swing,” said Kim Sorensen, co-founder of Soren’s Outdoor Store, a North Carolina-based clothing and outdoor apparel retailer.

“You know when you’re looking at the last year’s stats, I mean, you’re like, well, I don’t know, it really hasn’t hit the ground yet.”

Sorensan says that in addition to the casual apparel category, there are also more upscale apparel options for outdoor enthusiasts.

“The casual apparel has definitely been growing,” she said.

“But we are seeing an increase in the upscale apparel that has been popping up all over.”

The new survey from Sorendesen’s Outdoor Shop also showed that the top three brands selling outdoor clothing are D.C. Shoes, B&O, and J.


“We’re seeing a lot of the big brands have been picking up some of the attention, but we’re seeing some new brands that are popping up that have some of those trends,” Sorentsen said.

For those looking to expand their outdoor clothing options, Sorenesen says there are a number of good options out there.

“D.C., they do a lot more in-house than we do,” she added.

“They do a really great job in marketing, so you’re seeing brands like B&Os and other retailers pick up on that.”

In addition to outdoor clothing brands, Sorenson also pointed to retailers like Zazzle, Stitch Fix, and The Walking Dead.

“There’s a ton of companies out there that are really focusing on that niche,” Sorennsen said, adding that many of these brands also sell accessories.

“If you’re a designer and you want to get into that, they have that, too.”

Sorennsan said that her store sells everything from clothing to accessories and outdoor gear to apparel and boots.

“Everything from clothing, to shoes, to outdoor clothes,” she explained.

“I can just tell you that I love it.”

For those who want to be more casual with their outdoor attire, Srinensen says that a few good choices for casual attire are the “Camo” and the “Hoodie.”

“You can get a great fit and feel and look with those things,” she noted.

“And then there are those things that are more of a casual look, like these hoodies and shorts.

You can get those things on sale.”

The survey also found that a large percentage of outdoor apparel buyers are women, and Sorene’s Outdoor Showroom is the only one in the state that offers a men’s outdoor apparel collection.

“You’ll find a lot men’s apparel, and there are really good men’s clothing companies out in North Carolinians,” she continued.

“There are really a lot good brands out there, but there are so many good men that are just trying to find a way to go out there and be a man, and they are just not getting that opportunity.”

A lot of people are coming to our store and they just don’t feel like they have the time or money to go get their outdoor gear, or to do the work and have a chance to do something cool, she said, noting that it’s a problem for everyone.

“When you look at a guy who wants to do his best and try and find something cool and make it work, and it’s going to take all his time and energy and energy to get something cool,” Srinnsen concluded.

There’s no time, no money, no effort. “

The problem is that the other guys are just waiting to see what happens.

There’s no time, no money, no effort.

You’re just sitting there in the shop and you just don, you just, you don’t see anything.”

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