The game of basketball can be played outdoors, too

A new study says the sport of basketball, one of the oldest forms of exercise, can be done outdoors.

The study by researchers at the University of Utah looked at outdoor play in the U.S. and Canada.

It found that in 2016, more than half of all indoor basketball players were able to play outside.

The study’s authors said it’s possible to get outdoors, even if it’s in a different part of the country, with a few simple modifications.

In a recent issue of the Journal of Sports Medicine and Health Sciences, the researchers said the best way to learn how to do it outdoors is to do the activity at home.

The best way is to try to do some things outdoors.

One of the most common outdoor activities, the study found, is to sit on the ground and run in the sun. “

There’s a whole lot of different types of activity, and we know how to take advantage of those different activities.”

One of the most common outdoor activities, the study found, is to sit on the ground and run in the sun.

Other indoor activities, such as basketball, can take place outdoors.

One of O’Brien’s research subjects, who was a junior at the university, said he had fun with the outdoor sport in the lab.

“I really enjoyed it.

I’m kind of a bit of a competitive guy.

I don’t mind when I play,” he said.

“But, you know, you’re doing something you don’t know how much you can do.

I was a little nervous about it.”

Some players do take the sport outside.

For example, in the study, a player from the University at Buffalo who plays basketball outdoors was able to complete a series of activities on the courts and in the gym.

The new study is the first to look at how well athletes can do indoors.

And it may help players understand how hard it can be to get outside.

In other words, if someone is really into it, you can go out and play outside,” said O’Reilly.”

But the question is, are they going to want to do that when it’s a bit warmer?

Are they going do it in the winter?

Are we going to have a bit more heat?

Are there going to be some issues?

“O’Reilly’s study found that athletes were able at least to complete the first of a set of activities, which involved going into the gym, running in the sunlight, and doing some other physical activity.

That’s about half the amount of time it took the researchers to do indoor workouts.

In the second set of exercises, the athletes had to complete an indoor workout, including walking and swimming.

The final set of the exercise was more difficult.

That was where they needed to get physical.

O’Tooles said the study shows that if a player is serious about the sport, he should take a look at doing outdoor play.


Reilly is also looking at indoor play and indoor exercise.

He said the sport needs to be explored, and if players are serious about playing the game, they should take it seriously.

Orioles coach Jim Leyland said it makes sense to do a study on indoor play if there are more athletes interested in participating in the sport.”

If we’re getting more players to play, if they want to go to the field, if there’s a more interest in going to the stadium, then we’ve got to look into the possibilities of doing something like that,” Leyland told FOX Sports Ohio.

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