‘I don’t want to live in Edinburgh’: The plight of homeless man with nowhere to sleep

Edinburgh, Scotland – Edinburgh is home to the Scottish capital and it is also home to one of the most densely populated areas of the country.

It is home for about 2.6 million people and one of Scotland’s most famous landmarks, Edinburgh Castle, is on the top of the capital’s tallest building.

But Edinburgh is also one of England’s poorest areas, with an estimated 6.7 million people in the city’s area of the city and around 3 million in the surrounding countryside.

“Edinburgh has always been a great city,” says David Lumsden, a professor of urban planning at Edinburgh City University.

“The people have been here since the dawn of the civilisation and that is what you are seeing now.”

They are just really, really poor.

“The homeless are not new to Edinburgh, as many homeless people have settled in the area since the mid-1800s.

They are often a result of social isolation and low wages.

But as the capital has become more expensive to live within, many have been forced to flee the city, which is home not only to the famous Royal Mint but also to the city centre.

The city’s homeless have become known as the “doughboys” because they are seen as easy pickings.

David Lumsdale, professor of environmental policy at Edinburgh University, says the problem is a result not just of social deprivation but also of poor management and policies that have created an environment where people can become dependent on others.

His research has found that many people who have lived in Edinburgh for long periods are unable to leave because of a lack of affordable housing and housing benefits.

Some people who leave Edinburgh do so because they can’t afford to leave the city.

Lumsdale says that in many areas, the people who live there are in a desperate position.

He says the homeless are vulnerable because they do not have the means to support themselves.

A study by the Edinburgh City Council in the early 2000s found that between 1990 and 2011, there were 5,000 homeless people in Edinburgh, but the council only counted the number of people who had a roof over their heads.

One of the problems is that many of those who move to the capital for work are unable or unwilling to pay for a new roof, which means the cost of housing is passed on to other people who may not be able to afford to pay.

In 2015, Edinburgh’s mayor said the city was facing a “catastrophic crisis” and that people needed to get involved to help the homeless.

Scotland’s homelessness crisis David Lumden says the city is in crisis.

Edinburgh was recently ranked by the charity Shelter as one of its worst cities to live and work in.

Scottish cities and towns are struggling to cope with a huge influx of migrants and refugees.

But Lumsdales findings have been criticised by charities, who say that it is simply not possible to provide adequate shelter for the cityscape, where people are living in overcrowded conditions, or without basic amenities.

Another problem is that it can be difficult to get help for people who are experiencing homelessness. “

[They are] terrified of speaking out because they think if they do, it might affect their future,” Lumsdsays.

Another problem is that it can be difficult to get help for people who are experiencing homelessness.

Even if a homeless person is experiencing homelessness, they are often unable to access a secure accommodation.

Many homeless people cannot afford to get an interview or are unwilling to be seen by social workers, who can be a source of frustration for many.

I don,t want to die in EdinburghDavid Lumdale, Edinburgh University Professor of environmental and environmental policy, says many of the people experiencing homelessness are desperate for help and that the issue is compounded by policies that are failing to tackle the issue.

And he says that some homeless people find it difficult to leave Edinburgh because they need to be able go out in the countryside to hunt for food, for instance.

There are also issues surrounding welfare, including those that arise from the city being in the European Union.

People who are living on the street are often asked to pay rent and food costs for their own accommodation, but that does not go to the council.

What can be done?

David Lampsdale, a senior lecturer in environmental and urban policy at the Edinburgh University School of Planning, has been advocating for better housing and services for the homeless for a number of years.

For him, the best way to address homelessness in Edinburgh is to ensure that the city has adequate housing and a proper, secure and affordable network of housing and support services.

“The key is to get a lot of the homeless out of the centre and to create more supportive social services,” Lampsd says.

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